Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Stand, Hold and Tilt - The Lenovo Yoga Tablet

My Everyday life with tablet starts with my social media applications Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. The most important part is my blogging. I have to blog regularly. I have to update my Facebook page, Twitter and Blog. The Lenovo Yoga Tablet will help me to do all this in a #BetterWay.

Social Media Apps

The next thing I do on my tablet is listen to Music, watch Videos a full entertainment on my tablet. The Lenevo Yoga tablet will help me to this in a #BetterWay too.

Music and Videos

According, to me an Ideal Tablet should have a good hardware configuration and some of the points I would like to mention are : 

Firstly, I have my nephew who is 3 years old and he moves my tablet up an down

So, the first thing the tablet design should have is 'It should be flexible'

Second thing when I am holding the tablet it should have a nice grip so that it does not slips from my hand.

Thirdly, If I had to watch videos on my tablet what I currently do is fix it somewhere by supporting it with two or three pillows.

There should be some stand to support it.

The new Lenovo Yoga Tablet will make my life with my tablet a #BetterWay as it has all these features and :

It has three modes and 18 hours of battery:

1. Stand Mode: Whenever I needed to make my Tab stand I used to do a lot of exercise and finally bought a stand for it. The new Yoga tablet's unique design provides this feature. 

2. Hold Mode: The Hold Mode provides a better and firm grip so that it does not falls from your hand.

3. Tilt Mode: The Tilt Mode provides more natural angle for touching and typing.

Yoga Tablet

 This post is written as a part of Contest #BetterWay by Lenovo(

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