Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Planet CSAS (Clean shave and Stubble)

Somewhere in this solar system there was a planet called CSAS (Clean Shave and Stubble). The queen of the planet decided to change the name and introduce a law in which it will be mandatory for men to keep Stubble or to have a Clean Shave. They announced elections for this.  So, there were two parties in the election one was PASS (Protest Against Smelly Stubble) with Symbol Clean Shave and other was Stubble with Symbol of a man with Stubble. Women were only allowed to vote.

All men having clean shave joined PASS party and men having Stubble joined Stubble Party. The elections were announced on 31st December 2013. The parties began to prepare themselves. They started their campaigns and asked women to caste vote to them. Clean Shaved Men said 'Humme Vote Dijiye aur badboodar Daadi se Chutkara paiyee' on the other hand the Stubble party said 'Dekhiye humari designer daadi kitni acchi lagti hai humme vote dijiye daadi wale muh par ungli dabaye'.

Before Elections

All men in the PASS party started to have clean shave. The preparations were going good and the day came. Everybody started voting and after a long day of voting 100% women gave vote. The result was to be announced next week.

After a week, the result came out and PASS party won. 83% votes were given to PASS party and only 17% were given to Stubble party. The queen also said that thank god PASS won 'I hate that unclean Stubble' and the planet was named Clean Shave(CS) after that.

After Elections
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