Wednesday, 18 December 2013

My Team Cranberry and the Love of Vampires

This is my third and final entry for Catch the Flavour. In the Ancient era Vampires loved to drink blood. Drinking the blood of humans made their survival difficult in the Modern Era. I loved Bacardi Breezer Cranberry and one day I was sitting outside the Karol Bagh Metro Station with Bacardi Breezer Cranberry in my hand.

Suddenly, a man came and said 'I also love Bacardi Breezer Cranberry and you know I am a Vampire'. I was shocked to hear that he said 'Come along with me we vampires have a hideout nearby'. I said are you joking he then showed me his big vampire teeth’s. I was afraid and said 'What if you kill me?' he replied that 'We Vampires have stopped killing humans for their blood now'.

'We all drink Bacardi Breezer Cranberry it tastes better than blood'.  He then took me to their hideout and I saw thousands of Cranberry Breezers over there. They offered me and I had two or three.

So, now my team as well as vampires also drinks my favorite Breezer flavor Cranberry. Bacardi Breezer Cranberry is now popular among vampires also.

Note:This post is a work of fiction and written as a part of the Contest Catch the Flavour by in association with BREEZERINDIA.COM

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