Friday, 6 December 2013

My Stubble and The Interview

I always felt lazy to do shave. I used to keep my stubble for weeks. It was the time of placements in our college when I first time felt that clean shave is an important task in your daily routine. I was selected to sit in three companies. I had my interview tomorrow and I was least bothered about my stubble. I just ignored my stubble and started studying for the interview. My friends told me to shave but I was least bothered about it.

I went for the interview next morning and the very first question which the interviewer of the company asked me was 'Have you taken bath today?' I replied ‘Yes’ then he said that I asked this because  'I hate that smelly stubble of yours' he further said to me that 'This is interview Mr. Manchanda' and I was shocked by his statement. I knew the reason why he was saying this but could not help it.  I came out and told my friends about it and they were just laughing at me. I lost a job opportunity because of my laziness of not shaving.

From that very moment, I shave on alternate day now. It’s a good habit.

I accept the tag from +Heena Shah-Dhedhi 

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