Friday, 27 December 2013

My Stubble and My Marriage

I used to keep stubble as I was too lazy to clean it. I still remember when my parents started to search bride for me they always used to say 'Ye daadi ab to saaf kar liya kar teri shaadi karni hai'. I always used to ignore them. They gave my name in bureau and to relatives. They started receiving calls and I had to meet the girl(s).

One fine day my parents told me that ‘In the evening you have to come along with us’. I asked them why what’s the reason and they replied 'Aaj tere liye ladki dekhne jaana hai'.  They told me to have a clean shave and as usual I ignored them. I thought why I should shave 'Jab mun karega kar lenge'.

I came back in the evening got ready and went with them to meet the girl. We were having general talks Q&A sessions. I generally asked her ‘What do you hate about men’. She replied ‘I hate men with stubble’ and she even said 'I hate that unclean stubble of Yours' I was shocked to hear this. I felt so bad that after that whenever I went to meet a girl I did shave and then went.

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