Saturday, 28 December 2013

My Stubble and My Marriage Part II

After what happened when I went to meet the girl for my marriage I was feeling very bad. My dad called up the girl parents but they said they will give answer in one or two days. I also liked the girl but I think my stubble created a bad impression of me.

After a week my Mom said 'Aaj Shaam ko beta tere liye ladki dekhne jaana hai, time pe ready ho jaana'. I said 'Ok'. I was feeling very lazy when I came back home from work. Then the question was whether to shave or not. I took out my clothes and started to wear them.

Suddenly, the previous incident came into my mind. The statement of the girl 'I hate that unclean Stubble’ started troubling me. It seemed that she is again and again saying this to me. I ran to the bathroom and had a Clean Shave. I wore my clothes and went with the family to meet the new girl.

We talked for about half an hour. She looked really impressed. I think 'My clean shaven look bowled her over'. After, a few days my dad received a call from her parent 'Ji ladka hume aapka ladka pasand hai' but I was this time not sure about the girl.

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