Monday, 16 December 2013

My Stubble and The Interview Part 2

With the silly thing I did in my first interview of my on campus placement of keeping my stubble I was unable to sleep the whole night. I was thinking again and again that how could the panel of interviewer reject me because of my stubble. Then I told my elder brother about this Incidence. I told him that I went for the Interview with my stubble and they rejected me because of my Stubble.

My brother became angry upon hearing this and said ‘Tu pagal hai kya?’ You went for the interview without shaving. Cleanliness is the first thing the interviewer notices. He also said 'Agli baar aisa mat kariyo bhai?' Then after a few days I came to know that a company called Sapient is coming for the on campus placement next week. The first thing I added in my diary for the Things to do on the Interview Day was ‘Shave and don’t repeat the same thing which you did the last time’. I started the preparations for my Interview and in the morning on the Interview day the first thing I did was a clean Shave.
I went for the interview and one of the lady interviewer said that 'I like your dressing sense and the hygiene you maintain'. I think 'My clean shaven look bowled her over'.

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