Monday, 16 December 2013

My Stubble and the Holi Celebrations

I always used to keep my Stubble during Holi because the colors would easily wash away when I shaved. This year I did the same thing and went in my society with my stubble and everybody started coloring my face. We all were celebrating with loud music, pichkaris and Balloons. We also mixed bhaang in milk my favorite drink in Holi celebrations.

My relatives in the Society came out and they also started to put color on my face. After a few minutes the girl in the colony who I liked came out. She came near to me and was about to put color on my face. Suddenly she stopped and started looking at me and said Cheeee!!!  'I hate that unclean stubble' of yours. I was shocked to hear that and was upset. I ran to my house and washed my face. Then I took out my shaving kit and started to shave. I shaved in a couple of seconds just to make sure that she does not go back. I came out and started searching her and I found her standing near my Uncle and went towards her.

She looked at me and started laughing and said 'You shaved just now' I said ‘Yes, the colors started to give itching on my face so I shaved. She suddenly rubbed my face with colors in her hand, I smiled. When I came back and took bath the color didn’t washed away. And, believe me the color stayed for two days.

I acknowledge the tag from +Sammya brata Mullick 

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