Wednesday, 11 December 2013

My Stubble and the Girl in Colony

This is an incidence which happened few years back. I used to have stubble for weeks. I still remember when I used to come back from my college in the evening a girl in my colony used to see me and pass smile. I also used to pass smile hoping that she would be my girlfriend. This happened almost for a month.

After a couple of weeks I received a packet at my home with my name written on it. I was surprised on receiving it. When I opened it there was a razor and a shaving cream and a letter in it which was from the same girl in my colony who used to pass smile she wrote 'Your Stubble looks horrible'. I was surprised by this and I went to see my stubble in the mirror and it really looked bad. I used the razor and shaving cream sent by her.

The very next day she met me in the park. She told me that you look cute without stubble. I used to laugh at your stubble. We then had general talks an then we exchanged our numbers.

'My Clean Shaven look bowled her over'

I accept the tag from +Heena Shah-Dhedhi

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