Friday, 27 December 2013

My Father - A Middle Class Man

My father is a middle class man and I know what difficulties he has faced to grow me. I still remember my father arranging money for my admission in engineering college, my needs, and my marriage and in every small thing from my childhood. I am married now and I would be a father in future. I would be saving from now for my child so that he may not face any problem which my dad faced.

If I recall I still remember:

My father arranging money for my admission in school and engineering college. The fees these days are so high that I have to save a lot.

Asking, my dad to buy me a bike to go to college.

The five things which I would like to gift my child in future would be:

1. Saving Account: A saving account of his own so that I may save for him and he could use it in future.

2. A Fixed Deposit : A fixed deposit will help me to use in times of needs for his education, marriage and in other phases of life.

3. Teach my child to do whatever he wants to do in life but excel in it. I don't want to tell him that do engineering, medical I would rather tell him to do what he likes.

4. Teach my child good moral values so that he may become a good human being. A good human being is liked by everyone . Helping everyone is one thing I would be expecting from him.

5. Teach my child to face any difficulty in life with patience and find solutions to any problem rather than running from them.

'A person lives when the heartbeat moves up and down and dies when it’s a straight line'

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