Wednesday, 4 December 2013

My Clean Shave Look and The MBA girl

I had a bad habit of not shaving for weeks. I always felt lazy shaving frequently. My father everyday used to tell me to maintain good hygiene habits and shave daily.  I used to like a girl in My MBA classes and whenever I used to ask her out for a Lunch she always used to make an excuse. One day we all (Our MBA group) were standing and talking on general topics and she said 'I don't like to go near men with Stubble'. Everybody looked at me and started laughing that statement of her got into my mind. That very day I looked into the mirror and I realized that my stubble looked really bad. It gave me a smelly and unhygienic look.  From that very moment, I have started shaving on alternate days.

With Stubble
With Stubble

The clean shaved look made me look great and smart. And guess what a week after when I asked her out for Lunch clean shaved she agreed to go with me. I was very happy at that moment and I realized that clean shave looks can Impress girls easily.  'My clean shaven look bowled her over'. She also said that you look nice when clean shaved.

Without Stubble
Clean Shaved

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