Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Mordern Era and the SwayamVar

The world has advanced into the New Modern Era its year 2100 and there is a razor called MACH50 which gives the best Shave. With the change in views of marriage the SwayamVar for selecting the Groom has come back. Yesterday, I had a dream in which I went in the SwayamVar of the daughter of the King of Delhi. There around ten to fifteen men for the SwayamVar some had Stubble and some were cleaned shaved. I too was clean shaved. Then the 'Mantri' announced that the SwayamVar ceremony will start in another half an hour.

We all were given couches to sit. In a few minutes the daughter of the king arrived. We all stood up and she came down from the stairs to meet us and choose from us whom she would like to marry. The King’s daughter saw the first men and said 'I hate that unclean Stubble next please'. Then at the fifth men she said 'You are Clean Shaved but not so smooth next please'. Then at the last came my number. She saw me and after touching my face she said 'What a Clean and Smooth Shave I choose you as my Groom'.

I use MACH 50 Razor no one gives better Shave than this.  'My clean Shave look bowled her over'

This post is a part of  Protest Against Unclean Stubble Activity in association with BlogAdda.

I acknowledge the tag from +Kalpana Solsi in her post Chor Ki Daadi mein Tinka

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