Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Mishappening with my Tablet/Netbook

Whenever I buy a device I see its durability, after sales service, features and warranty. Recently I purchased a tablet (will not mention the brand) I was very happy with its performance. But, after few months whenever I used to open the tablet/netbook the lid used to move a bit back by itself, I ignored it. After a month the lid became loose. Then further the button started coming out, a horrible experience I was going through.

I have taken some pictures of it:

The Button went loose

The button came out

Screen Lifted Up

If I go by mechanics it was to happen some day because it could move to only around 120 degrees. But this crap happened very soon.

So, what is the solution?
The solution is the new Yoga Tablet from Lenovo. When I came to know about this Lenovo Yoga Tablet I thought that this is the only solution as it is a flexible tablet and can be moved in any direction and angle.

It has three modes and 18 hours of battery:

1. Stand Mode: Whenever I needed to make my Tab stand I used to do a lot of exercise and finally bought a stand for it. The new Yoga tablet's unique design provides this feature. 

2. Hold Mode: The Hold Mode provides a better and firm grip so that it does not falls from your hand.

3. Tilt Mode: The Tilt Mode provides more natural angle for touching and typing.

With the new and improved design I am sure that the new Yoga Tablet will be a better option for me and will not turn out to be a nightmare for me.

Stand, Hold and Tilt Mode
Do It Your Way
With the All New Yoga Tablet

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