Sunday, 22 December 2013

Jill Let the Stubble go at 7'o Clock

In ancient times the early men used to have stubble. They didn't know how to shave and girls had no choice. So, let see how this concept of shave came. There was a man named 'BigStubble(Jill)' who had very long stubble. No girl used to go near him they used to say 'I hate that unclean stubble'.

One day he got frustrated and went to the workshop. He started making a sharp tool called blade and started removing his stubble with it. He did a clean shave with that tool. He went out after removing the stubble and all girls started following him he was very happy. His friends came and asked him how you removed your stubble. He told that I have created a tool to remove it.

And, since his name was Jill and he did his shave at 7’o clock in the morning the name of the tool was called Gillete (Jill let stubble go) at 7’o Clock (Gillete 7’o Clock).

Everybody used that tool and removed their stubble. The girls were really happy that finally they got rid of unclean stubble men. They all had a party on that day. Finally, everybody had a solution to the problem of Unclean Stubble.

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