Monday, 23 December 2013

I Still Remember and the Time Moves On

My best friend with whom I share each and every incident of my life and who has always been my partner in crime is my cousin Shreya. Me and Shreya are of the same age group and share a lot of sweet and nice memories. My mother many a times tells me about the naughty things we used to do when we were kids. We both started using the Dove products together and now use only Dove Products.

Only Dove

I still remember at the age of 4:
Both of us wearing our mother’s big sized Sandals without thinking about that we will fall down just to do what our mother do.

Wearing Sandals
 And the time moves on,

I still remember at the age of 7:

Our mother’s buying Hair bands, Tic Tacs, Clips, T-shirts and even small handbags for us. Both of us saying to our mother 'Mummy aapke jaisa Clip chahiye'.

Clips and Hairbands

 And the time moves on,

I still remember at the age of 10:
Both of us asking for same clothes, same shoes, same sandals, same toys and to go to the same school just to be same. Fighting with each other to play with the same toy. Pushing each other to ride the same bicycle.

Fighting for Toys

 And the time moves on,

I still remember at the age of 12:

Both of us trying my mother Lipstick and Nail Paints for the first time and get scolded for it. Fun we used to have doing all this.

And the time moves on,

I still remember at the age of 15:

Buying Kajal, Nail Paint, Gloss, Lipstick, sandals and Clothes together and then trying them together. Such a lovely time we had.

Lipsticks and Nail Paints

And the time moves on,

At the age of 17:

Using high quality skin care products to keep our skin glowing and healthy. Soaps like Dove, Mascara, Shampoo, Conditioners, Gloss and Facial Kits.

Using Dove Products

 And the time moves on,

At the age of 18:

Going to the same College and dating the same guy and making a fool out of him. Getting ready for late night parties together and making an excuse to our mother of having combined study. Doing all kinds of mischief, showing attitude to boys is what we did. Having fights with each other on small things, guiding each other on wrong things.

Following our mother’s when we were kids and grooming ourselves with time has always been our passion.

'Fashion and Passion' is what we live for.

And the time will move on and on.

Time moves on leaving memories behind and we both cherish those memories a lot.

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