Saturday, 21 December 2013

Early Stubble Problem

My stubble came very early at the age of fifteen when I was in tenth standard. This was also the trend in my family everyone had stubble by the age of fifteen.  My classmates in my school started to call me 'Buddha' I always felt irritated. They used to say 'Teri itni jaldi daadi bhi aa gayi'. The girl whom I liked also said to me that 'Your stubble looks bad'. I used to ask her to come along with me to the canteen and she always said 'No'.

One day I told my Dad that I am going to get my stubble trimmed and he replied 'Aur Jaldi aa jayegi agar trim karvayi toh' and I dropped the plan of getting it trimmed. Then a year passed and I went to the eleventh class. Now, I had to do something about my stubble. I went to the Saloon and told the barber to trim my Stubble. When I went home my Dad scolded me but I was happy because I got rid of my early stubble.

The next day when I asked the girl whom I liked in the school to come along with me she said 'Yes'. I think 'My clean Shaven look bowled her over'.

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