Monday, 30 December 2013

Clean shaved Face and Stubble face Conversation Part II

After the last conversation between Clean Shaved Face and the Stubble face, the stubble face asked the clean shaved face

Stubble Face: "Do you think I should shave?"

Clean shaved face: "Yes you should shave."

Stubble Face: "I think you are right. My stubble gives me an unclean look and I hate when flies sit on me. I also hate when girls say 'I hate that unclean stubble'."

The Stubble Face finally managed to have a shave.

Clean shaved face: "You are looking nice clean shaved".

Stubble face is now The New Clean Shaved face.

New Clean shaved face: "Thank you".

Clean Shaved Face: "You see that hot girl in the party, she is coming to me".

New Clean Shaved Face: "Good Luck buddy Enjoy!"

Suddenly, the girl goes towards the new clean shaved face and he starts smiling.

Clean Shaved Face: "See the magic of the clean shave look earlier no one came near you and now she came towards you. So, keep shaving".

New Clean Shaved Face: "Yeah, I too can’t believe these girls prefer clean shave look men more than men with stubble. I think 'My clean Shaven look bowled her over'." 

I accept the tag from +Saravana Kumar Murugan in his post Stubble Trouble GD

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