Saturday, 14 December 2013

A Special Gift for My Child

Secure Future for our child is what we think each and everyday. We work for our family and try to make their future secure. What will happen to our child in our absence? Where will we arrange funds in times of our child requirements? To answer all these questions :


I would like to gift my child:

1. A Fixed Deposit From HDFC Bank: A fixed deposit will help me save for my child in need of his Education and Needs. The fees in education is becoming so high that I need to save from today so I may not face any difficulty in times of need. 

HDFC Bank provides :

a. Easy Investments with High Returns.
b. Convenience of booking deposit through NetBanking.
c. High Interest Rates.

2. HDFC Young Star Plan : The HDFC young Start Plan will help me to save for my child for his Education, Marriage and in for other phases of Life. There are various option available. This will help my child in his every need.

3. Insurance Plan from HDFC : We might think each day what will happen to our loved ones and our children in our absence. We need to provide them some security which will help them in  their needs when we are not there. An insurance plan will make their future secure.

4. Teach them Good Moral Values : Teaching them good moral values will help them to be a better person. Helping everybody, Honesty , Respect and Integrity this is what made us teach previously.

5. Teach them to Keep Environment Clean: Teaching Children about keeping the environment Clean. This will help save our Mother Earth from the issues which are being faced.

There are a lot of points but mentioned some of the important ones here.

Secure Future is what we Think and can Provide with HDFC Bank Policies.

This post is a part of the 1001 Gifts Activity by HDFC Life in association with BlogAdda.

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