Wednesday, 27 November 2013

My Room and the Stinking Back Lane

I still remember guests coming home and they really used to say that my room stinks because of the lane at the back side of my room and plus the smell from the attached toilet and bathroom. My room is at ground floor and just behind is the back lane where people urinate, throw all sorts of waste. I was just fed up of all this and started using dhoop and agarbatti.

Stinky Back Lane
Then about three months ago I attended the Indiblogger AmbiPur meet and the lady from AnmbiiPur told about the AmbiPur Home Range product my first thought was to use it in my room. They gave me the free sample of the product and also was sent by the IndiStuff. One day my brother in-laws had to come for dinner at home. I was worried about the stinks that come from the back lane. I thought of using the AmbiPur Home Range Sample.


Spray Nozzle

The guest came home and they came to my room to meet me. They came and said nice fragnance in your room which is it. I said 'I have just used this Product AmbiPur Home Range'. They said 'It's Nice' as they were talking to me I was still thinking that now the fragnance will go away in a couple of minutes and the room will start to stink and I was amazed they stayed for about half an hour and the fragnance remained for a long time.

Now I used this product daily and It turned my Smelly Air to Smiley Air!!!!
Spray and Stay #FreshNHappy
AmbiPur Home Range has also eliminated

My nephews Diaper Smell


My feets Odour

Feet Odour
This post is written for Indistuff from AmbiPur

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