Wednesday, 30 October 2013

My Suggestions for a Better Delhi

I created my own Delhi Manifesto in one of my previous posts. There are problems and their are solution, for every problem there is a solution. My solution for the problems I have mentioned in my Delhi Manifesto are : 

1. Litter : Yesterday while I was driving back to home from a friends house I saw in a car left to me a child around 8-9 year old was throwing his empty Uncle Chips wrapper on the road. I would not hold him responsible for it, because his mother on the front seat throwed a poly bag on the road just before her child. So, is this is what the mother is teaching her child.

Please throw litter in bins at least in front of children so that they may learn good manners. We as Delhiites must keep our city clean.

2. Safety for Women : When I go to Connaught place I find there are many barricades they check each and every vehicle and stop it if they find anything suspicious.

I would suggest to the Delhi government to have barricades everywhere in the city so that Delhi may become more safe for women as well as for other Delhiites.

3. Eduction for All : Education makes a person understand what is right or wrong. Many people who are uneducated sometimes don't know that throwing litter on roads can create environmental issues. So, we must teach them. I remember the old saying

"Each one Teach One"

4. Delhi Roads : A major reason for Traffic Jams is the roads of Delhi. Its been years construction is going on in Connaught Place. Roads in Delhi are in a very bad condition. Is this for what we are paying taxes. Do you think we must pay Taxes for these roads.

Delhi government should maintain roads or else we must not pay the taxes. We want good roads.

5. Save Tress : We must plant at least one plant or tree outside our home or anywhere where you feel like. We should also protect the trees which the government has planted on the streets. This will make Delhi more Green and protect us from the Pollution in the air.

Take an initiative to "Save a Tree"

6. Traffic jams : Recently I was driving towards Shastri Nagar Metro station to pick my wife. The Red Light at the Liberty cinema was not working. There was no traffic policeman to manage the traffic and everyone created a mess over there the wole road was jam. The Traffic Light at the main entrance of Karol Bagh Market is not working from past one year, just imagine.

A traffic policeman should be there to manage the traffic when the Traffic Lights are not working.

Some crossing needs Traffic Lights badly. Delhi government should install Traffic Light at such crossings.

7. Corruption : For this we Delhiites as well as the government both are responsible. Every time a traffic Policeman stops us we give him bribe and go.  Please don't do this leads to corruption. Starting from the traffic Policeman the ladder moves on to the Ministers.

So, please don't give bribes to anyone. Stop corruption!!!!

It is easy to give suggestions but hard to follow. I don't say everyone should follow all the suggestions, if a person follows any one of the suggestion then also he/she is helping Delhi to become a better City to live.

Lets make Delhi a better City to Live!!!!

This is My Delhi Manifesto in association with

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