Friday, 25 October 2013

My Delhi Manifesto

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As years are passing it's becoming more and more difficult for us to live a nice and healthy life in Delhi. The population is increasing at a very high rate. Delhi has become the eighth-most populated metropolis in the world and is one of the most polluted cities in India. Delhi in my opinion has now become the most unplanned city in India.There is Pollution, Garbage, Illiteracy, No Safety and Less Trees.

To save Delhi from becoming the worst city to live we really need to work out at some issues:

1. Litter Everywhere : I have two words for people who throw garbage on roads.
"Educated Illiterates"

Throwing of litter on roads makes Delhi unclean and creates Environmental issues. My request to all Delhiites is "Please Do not Litter".
I captured a pic of litter on a busy road, it was really shocking that people are educated and still they behave Illiterate.

Garbage people throw on roads

2. Safety for Women : Whenever my wife says that "Let's go for a movie tonight" I have to say to her that "You Know that Delhi is not safe at Night".

The security in Delhi is not satisfactory. Increased rape cases, theft and murder cases are nightmares for Delhiites. Something has to be done by Delhi Police to make Delhi a safe City. In, one of my posts I mentioned that rape cases in India have increased Delhi being the top most. Being the capital city " Is this the security we have?"

3. Education For All : There is still a very large number of illiteracy in Delhi. Providing Education can teach how to keep environment clean so it will educate people and will tell them about the issues Delhi is facing.

4. Delhi Roads: I really feel bad when I see the roads of Delhi have become very bad. Recently heavy rains created problems of Water logging everywhere. Is this for what we are paying Taxes. For years the government is constructing flyovers. It has been years I am seeing construction being done on Connaught Place.

5. Save Tress: The pollution in Delhi has increased we must plant and Save Trees. Trees helps in creating a healthy environment.

"Green Delhi Clean Delhi"

I captured a pic of a tree which was planted during Common Wealth Games. Now, see how it looks.

Save Trees

 6. Traffic Jams: The number of vehicle on road has increased. There are crossings on roads which don't have red lights and they need it. In my area during afternoon the road is jammed for minimum 1 hour. The reason being the crossing has no red light and it really needs one.

7. Corruption: Only politicians are not responsible for corruption to some extent we the citizens are also responsible for corruption. We encourage corruption whenever we give bribes. So, we should become more responsible from now for a better Delhi tomorrow.

These issues need to be addressed.
"What we make Delhi today will shape its future for our coming generations"

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