Wednesday, 30 October 2013

My Suggestions for a Better Delhi

I created my own Delhi Manifesto in one of my previous posts. There are problems and their are solution, for every problem there is a solution. My solution for the problems I have mentioned in my Delhi Manifesto are : 

1. Litter : Yesterday while I was driving back to home from a friends house I saw in a car left to me a child around 8-9 year old was throwing his empty Uncle Chips wrapper on the road. I would not hold him responsible for it, because his mother on the front seat throwed a poly bag on the road just before her child. So, is this is what the mother is teaching her child.

Please throw litter in bins at least in front of children so that they may learn good manners. We as Delhiites must keep our city clean.

2. Safety for Women : When I go to Connaught place I find there are many barricades they check each and every vehicle and stop it if they find anything suspicious.

I would suggest to the Delhi government to have barricades everywhere in the city so that Delhi may become more safe for women as well as for other Delhiites.

3. Eduction for All : Education makes a person understand what is right or wrong. Many people who are uneducated sometimes don't know that throwing litter on roads can create environmental issues. So, we must teach them. I remember the old saying

"Each one Teach One"

4. Delhi Roads : A major reason for Traffic Jams is the roads of Delhi. Its been years construction is going on in Connaught Place. Roads in Delhi are in a very bad condition. Is this for what we are paying taxes. Do you think we must pay Taxes for these roads.

Delhi government should maintain roads or else we must not pay the taxes. We want good roads.

5. Save Tress : We must plant at least one plant or tree outside our home or anywhere where you feel like. We should also protect the trees which the government has planted on the streets. This will make Delhi more Green and protect us from the Pollution in the air.

Take an initiative to "Save a Tree"

6. Traffic jams : Recently I was driving towards Shastri Nagar Metro station to pick my wife. The Red Light at the Liberty cinema was not working. There was no traffic policeman to manage the traffic and everyone created a mess over there the wole road was jam. The Traffic Light at the main entrance of Karol Bagh Market is not working from past one year, just imagine.

A traffic policeman should be there to manage the traffic when the Traffic Lights are not working.

Some crossing needs Traffic Lights badly. Delhi government should install Traffic Light at such crossings.

7. Corruption : For this we Delhiites as well as the government both are responsible. Every time a traffic Policeman stops us we give him bribe and go.  Please don't do this leads to corruption. Starting from the traffic Policeman the ladder moves on to the Ministers.

So, please don't give bribes to anyone. Stop corruption!!!!

It is easy to give suggestions but hard to follow. I don't say everyone should follow all the suggestions, if a person follows any one of the suggestion then also he/she is helping Delhi to become a better City to live.

Lets make Delhi a better City to Live!!!!

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Monday, 28 October 2013

Dance It Out for a Cause - Indiblogger Meet

When I saw on Indiblogger that Dance India Dance Season 4 meet is in Delhi I felt really excited and registered myself without any second thought. It was very difficult for me to leave work and attend it but somehow I managed to do so for the love I have for Dance India Dance Show. The judges are one of my favorite choreographers Mudassar Khan, Shruti Merchant and Feroz Khan. Out of which only Mudassar Khan and Feroz Khan came at the meet.

The DID4 Judges and IndiTeam

The meet started with registration and this time there was something different, we had to fill a form in which we wrote about our blog and what are we wearing. This was done so that bloggers who feel shy could introduce themselves in the meet. A good activity I must say.

The form in which we Introduced ourselves

Then a loud "HuddHuddHuddhuddddddddddd........." and then the judges came. Then my favorite number game started this time the numbers were less only 1 to 5. Behind each number they had the same activity that was who is you favourite actor/actress and dance on one of his/her song. This was fun "DanceItOut".

Then there was team activity in the which they choose 8 Team captains and 8 teams were told to choose out their own cause and song and were asked to dance on that cause. A fun activity again. Winners were given gift vouchers. Two winners for twitter activity to write their cause were also given.

My Team

We danced with the Judges at the end it was really fun. Then finally photo sessions, networking and Dinner!!!

An awesome meet. Thanks +IndiBlogger and ZeeTv ( )  for such an awesome meet. Waiting for the next one!!!!
My cause for "DanceItOut" is :

Yesterday, while I was walking towards my home I saw a person dancing alone in a Market which is very near to my house. He lives there and likes to dance and watches songs and dance on the TV shop in the market. I asked him "Tumhe Kya dance pasand hai?". He replied "Haan mujhe dance dekhna accha lagta hai". Then I further asked him "Tumhe Dance Shuru se pasand hai?". He replied "Nahi Jabse shehar aaya hu uske baad se". He told me "Jab se baapu ke saath shehar aaya hu kapde ki dukaan mein kaam karta hu, waha jab bahut thak jaata hu aur jab koi pareshaani mein hota hu to TV ki dukaan mein dance wale gaane dekh leta hu aur mujhe accha lagta hai". That very moment I was touched by his replies. His name is Rinku.

Rinku Posing for  DID4

The TV shop where is watches Songs and Dance

He really feels good after watching dance and songs. So, why not "DanceItOut" for these poor people those who watch dance to make them feel good and make them Smile.  

"India India Dance India Dance".

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Gola Sizzlers - Connaught Place

I went to Gola sizzlers last Thursday. my wife wanted to have something great in sizzlers. We decided to go to Gola sizzlers. 

Gola Sizzlers

Sitting at Ground Level

They have sitting at Ground Level and the First Floor. Bar and Non Veg. is available. We ordered a Chicken Tikka Sizzler, because of weekday the place was less crowded and the service was also fast. Otherwise, on weekend the place is too much crowded.

Chicken Tikka Sizzler

The Sizzler had two sticks of Chicken Tikka a total of (6 Pieces) of it (3x2 Sticks) and a Single stick of Chicken Seekh Kebab and was served with Rice and a Chicken Pasta which was amazing. The overall taste of the Sizzler was amazing. If you are fond of Sizzlers than this is the place. The ambiance is also good.

Location :  K 24, Opposite PVR Plaza Cinema, Connaught Place, New Delhi - 5.

Rating : I would rate the Sizzlers 4.5/5

Friday, 25 October 2013

My Delhi Manifesto

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As years are passing it's becoming more and more difficult for us to live a nice and healthy life in Delhi. The population is increasing at a very high rate. Delhi has become the eighth-most populated metropolis in the world and is one of the most polluted cities in India. Delhi in my opinion has now become the most unplanned city in India.There is Pollution, Garbage, Illiteracy, No Safety and Less Trees.

To save Delhi from becoming the worst city to live we really need to work out at some issues:

1. Litter Everywhere : I have two words for people who throw garbage on roads.
"Educated Illiterates"

Throwing of litter on roads makes Delhi unclean and creates Environmental issues. My request to all Delhiites is "Please Do not Litter".
I captured a pic of litter on a busy road, it was really shocking that people are educated and still they behave Illiterate.

Garbage people throw on roads

2. Safety for Women : Whenever my wife says that "Let's go for a movie tonight" I have to say to her that "You Know that Delhi is not safe at Night".

The security in Delhi is not satisfactory. Increased rape cases, theft and murder cases are nightmares for Delhiites. Something has to be done by Delhi Police to make Delhi a safe City. In, one of my posts I mentioned that rape cases in India have increased Delhi being the top most. Being the capital city " Is this the security we have?"

3. Education For All : There is still a very large number of illiteracy in Delhi. Providing Education can teach how to keep environment clean so it will educate people and will tell them about the issues Delhi is facing.

4. Delhi Roads: I really feel bad when I see the roads of Delhi have become very bad. Recently heavy rains created problems of Water logging everywhere. Is this for what we are paying Taxes. For years the government is constructing flyovers. It has been years I am seeing construction being done on Connaught Place.

5. Save Tress: The pollution in Delhi has increased we must plant and Save Trees. Trees helps in creating a healthy environment.

"Green Delhi Clean Delhi"

I captured a pic of a tree which was planted during Common Wealth Games. Now, see how it looks.

Save Trees

 6. Traffic Jams: The number of vehicle on road has increased. There are crossings on roads which don't have red lights and they need it. In my area during afternoon the road is jammed for minimum 1 hour. The reason being the crossing has no red light and it really needs one.

7. Corruption: Only politicians are not responsible for corruption to some extent we the citizens are also responsible for corruption. We encourage corruption whenever we give bribes. So, we should become more responsible from now for a better Delhi tomorrow.

These issues need to be addressed.
"What we make Delhi today will shape its future for our coming generations"

This is My Delhi Manifesto in association with

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Feel Safe With Smart Suraksha App

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While writing this post I was amazed to see the increasing number of rape cases from 2001 till 2012

Rape cases in India

I remember a few years back when I was in college a friend of mine was robbed by thieves. She told us that since I was late today so I thought of coming from the backside of college. There is not much traffic at the road behind collage sometimes no one is on the road. She told as I was coming two people were sitting and they immediately got up upon seeing me. They came near me and showed me knife and one of them said "Chal ye sone ki chain utaar aur hume de de".


They took my purse and they started touching me. Just a second later the thieves saw two cars coming on the road, they threw my purse on the road and ran away. The cars approaching were of our seniors. They asked me "What happened?". I told them the whole story.

She said "I really thank God that our seniors came from the backside and thieves ran away".

I wish She had Smart Suraksha with Her as she could not make a call but could easily had on the press of a single button informed us and we would have gone there.

Everybody is not lucky as she was. But now every women can make themselves lucky by installing the new Smart Suraksha App on their Android phone.

The new Smart Suraksha App is an Android Application that aims at making the women feel safe. The app, at the press of a single button, send your message of help to five pre-chosen contacts from your contact list. The additional feature send your location even if your GPS on your cellphone is switched off and anyone can know your location and arrive for help.

Cannot walk on Empty  Roads
Always Scared of Rapists on Roads
When will they feel safe on Roads.

  "Make Yourself feel Safe with Smart Suraksha App"

Smart Suraksha App

I can now imagine

Before Smart Suraksha App

After Smart Suraksha App

I am participating in the Seeking Smart Suraksha contest at in association with Smart Suraksha App.

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Dunkin Donuts - Moments Mall

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I had Dunkin Donuts at Moments Mall, Kirti Nagar, Food Court. It was nice but very crowded on Sunday Night. Its Food Court is called Del15. You have to get the Del15 Card First by paying Cash. It's for all the counters except Chicago Pizza, Dunkin Donuts and KFC.

Dunkin Donuts

We ordered Chef's Burger and had Donuts after our Meal. The Burger and Donuts were nice. They have more variety than Mad Over Donuts like Mango Donuts. In taste, I like MOD more than Dunkin Donuts.


Odd One Mango Donut

Chef's Burger
Overall nice Donuts and Burger I had.

Location : Food Court, Moments Mall, Kirti Nagar, New Delhi.

Rating : I would rate this place 3/5.