Friday, 27 September 2013

Mini Vent Clip (Sky Breeze) FreshNHappy Experience

My FreshNHappy experience with AmbiPur Mini Vent clip was amazing. I received the Sky Breeze sample. I just loved the new mini Vent Clip from Ambipur. I have used other company’s car fresheners, gels but mini vent clip is the best of all.

Mini Vent Clip

Mini Vent Clip

The mini vent clip (Sky Breeze) fragrance is very good. It’s something different and makes me rejuvenate every time I drive. You can also control the amount of the Ambipur being used with a control on top and it is very compact in size.

Compact Size

The Control at the top

Whenever I used to eat something in car its smell used to remain in the car for a very long time even after using car freshener. Also, every rainy season the odour from wet socks and shoes also irritated me while driving. But, now with the new mini vent clip my smelly air has turned to smiley air. The bad smell goes in few seconds. The mini vent clip eliminates odour and makes me and my car fresh and happy. Now, I eat a lot in my car and I am not worried about the smell from my socks and shoes in rainy season.

Thanks AmbiPur for creating this innovative product which eliminates odour.

Three Cheers for AmbiPur!!!!!

AmbiPur Facebook page :

AmbiPur Mini Vent Clip
Other Freshners and Gels
Eliminates Odour
Time taken to act on odour
Very Fast
Amount of fragrance can be controlled


Takes a lot of space
You get what you pay for
You don’t get what you pay for.
                     A comparison to other car fresheners.

My video of unboxing the Mini vent Clip

This is my first review video so sorry for all the shortcomings in this.

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