Sunday, 29 September 2013

Bhooli Bhatyari - The Haunted Fortress of Tughlaq

As the name says Bhooli Bhatyari, as you go further in this place you get mazed. I am exploring this place as a part of the contest I am Explorer. In the day time its easy to go in as its not too scary. But I bet no one can go here in night, the delhi police also blocks the entrance by barriers. The place is all surrounded by trees. It's near Jhandewalan Metro Station and there is a service station Bagga Link near it. This place is also known as the 'Haunted Fortress of Tughlaq'. This placed is now under DDA (Delhi Development Authority). I explored this place in Two Days.

On the First Day I explored it from its front entrance near Jhandewalan Metro Station and on the Second Day from the Back Side from Ridge Road.

Day 1

I started exploring Bhooli Bhatyari from the front side. I entered the place without car and explored it walking.

Bhooli Bhatyari
As you enter, this is the path from where you go inside. There are wild dogs and snakes in here. On the start there is a water treatment plant where you can see Eagles sitting.

The water treatment plant

Bhooli Bhatyari

The next picture shows the haunted fortress. There are no incidents reported here of ghosts but this place is very scary. The type of Terrain here mostly vast plains.

Haunted Fortress

Entrance Gate

Haunted Fortress

Stairs of Haunted Fortress
This is the Haunted Fortress as you go inside there are more things to explore. I have also prepared a video for the fortress.

The above video is just a glimpse of Bhooli Bhatyari.

Day 2

On day Two I entered from the back side by Car you can go inside to an extent but not very far as it is a restricted area you can see two or three more cars in my video on the back side. You see bird, peacocks there. The back side entrance is from Rodge Road. There was not much to explore on Day two except capturing peacocks and one or two clicks.

Entrance from Ridge Road

Peacock in Picture

The structure which you see is the limit till where you can go. The structure is the limit. I also took a video of back side.

I have written this post as a part of I am Explorer Contest

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