Thursday, 22 August 2013

Paanwala and the UltraMintz

I am a big foodie and my mouth really smells bad after tasting and dishes. I applied for the review program but could not get a chance to taste it, maybe next time. One day I saw the poster of Ultramintz on my paanwala shop. I bought Ultramintz from there and now reviewing it.

Poster at Paanwala

The first thing which my wife says when I come back after a review from a restaurant is "Aaj kaha ka khana taste kiya, bahut smell aa rahi?". Even after having chewing gums, peppermint still bad smell used to come from my mouth.  

Chinese SCF
Chinese SCF

Yesterday, I went for a review at SCF for the second time to taste the Chinese Menu, while returning back I had 2 tablets of Ultramintz. It really freezed my senses and the menthol in it were strong enough to eliminate the bad smell from my mouth. Even my wife said, “Aaj kahi nahi gaye khaana taste karne.” 

The UltraMintz which I now have after every review:

Ultramintz Front
Ultramintz Back

Ultramintz Case

Zero Sugar Ultramintz

An unpacking video of Ultramintz

The new Zero Sugar – FULL MINT Ultramintz can also be taken by diabetics as it’s a sugar free mint. The new Ultramintz from ITC has the finest quality of menthol and the best peppermint oils from France in a Zero sugar mint (Tested by me) and even lasts for a longer time than others. Go ahead and freeze your senses.

Other Chewing Gums/Mints
Menthol  Lasts
For Very long duration
For Very Short Duration
Keeps You free from Smell from mouth
For Very Long
For Very short time
Can take
May or May not
It's price is also reasonable as one mint freshness is equivalent to two mints of other mints.

Whether after a meal or to remove smell from mouth only Ultramintz a sugarfree mint for all.

Writing it as a retail customer :)

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