Saturday, 3 August 2013

Honesty – I learned and followed

I was around 10 or 11 years old and it was time of Holi, I wanted to buy a ‘pichkari’ for myself.  I still remember the pichkari which I wanted to buy was of Rs.20/- . I had Rs.10/- in my pocket so I asked my mother to give me another Rs.10/- so I may buy the pichkari but she said “Beta sasti wali le le har baar tu guma deta hai”. I felt very bad and went to buy a chocolate for myself.

While walking I saw a Rs. 50/- note outside the shop from where I was about to buy the chocolate I picked it up and was happy that I would buy pichkari for myself and water ballons too. Just a few seconds later I saw my neighbor, he was around 10 years elder to me searching for something. I asked him “Bhaiya aap kya dhoond rahe ho”? He replied “Arre mera ek 50 ka note kahin gir gaya hai use dhoond raha hu, tuje kahi dikha kya”? My parents always told me to be honest. I gave a smile and said “Bhaiya yahin road pe gira hua tha maine utha liya, ye lo”.

I came back home and I told my mother about the incident she was so happy that I was honest. She took me to the shop and bought me the ‘pichkari’ which I wanted. Every child should be honest.

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