Friday, 23 August 2013

Fast Trax Fx Burgers

I really like Fast Trax Fx burgers. The taste of the burgers are really different and nice. My recent visit was to Fx Outlet near Liberty cinema with my wife. 

Fx Board

Fx Counter

I went to pick up my wife from Shastri Nagar Metro station, while we were returning back she said "Mujhe Bahtut bukh Lagi hai" and I want to have Fx Burger. I said "ok" as Fx Liberty is on the way. The burgers here are really amazing and different. they have both Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian burgers, Rolls and Fries. Their Menu:

Menu Front

Menu Back

Location :  Karol Bagh, Liberty Cinema (Multiple Outlets)

Telephone: +91 9911199777

Rating : I would rate Fx Burgers 4/5

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