Friday, 5 July 2013

The Perfect Road Trip

The Perfect Road Trip - With Family

My mama and mami live in Saharanpur. When we were kids, I (Aditya) and my brother (Abhimanyu) used to go with mom to Saharanpur every year and stay there and then dad used to come over the weekend and then we used to leave. We had lots of fun over there playing cricket, cycling in the morning and playing Video games at the Video game parlor with cousins. My mama has two sons Sandeep(elder) and Shiv(younger) who are married now. We used to go by Dehradun Shatabdi and then by car, when we bought one.  Travelling by car was more fun as we used to have snacks and cold drinks on the way, played cards, had lunch at Ganesh Vaishno Dhaba. It was now, six years since we went to Saharanpur, cousins used to call up and say come over to Saharanpur but we got busy in work, we both got married and we didn’t had time to go. One evening all four of us were sitting (Me, Bhaiya, Bhabi(Saloni) and my wife (Mansi)) and started planning a road trip. I remembered our road trips to Saharanpur and suggested them. After a long time span of six years it would be a perfect and memorable trip. We have our own business so holiday was not a big problem. I told bhaiya it would be the first trip of Mansi and Saloni bhabi to Saharnpur. All of us agreed and started the preparations for the trip. My mom and dad’s anniversary was after three days i.e., on the 9th May. So we also planned to celebrate it in Saharanpur. Bhabi and Mansi went to the market and bought chips and cold drinks. I charged my Digital Camera and bought a new deck of playing cards. I remembered that there are too many villages on the way and that place stinks too much, so I also bought an ‘AmbiPur’ for Car. The car we took was Ertiga. The route to Saharanpur via SH 57 is around 170 km and takes around 5 hours to reach. We had to leave at 7’o clock in the morning so we slept early, around 10’o clock after having our dinner. Next morning i.e., on 7th May 2013 early in the morning around 7.30 a.m we left from home after having tea and bread toast. Mom prepared her special Puri Chole for the breakfast. Everybody was excited, especially Mansi and Saloni bhabi as they were going for the first time. We were total seven people Mom, Dad, Me, Bhaiya, Bhabi and Mansi and Driver. After, crossing Delhi border bhaiya said ‘Chal Bhai Ady(my nickname) koi movie laga de’. I had Oh my God movie with me , which I played . After, crossing Tronica City we had Chips and Cold Drinks toppled with movie was an awesome combination.  After, we crossed Baraut, Dad said ‘Ab Ganesh Dhaba aane wala hai tayar ho jao’. Then we took our second halt for the yummy breakfast. We also ordered Aloo Pyaz and Paneer Parathe and chai, it was an awesome breakfast that we had. We clicked photographs and uploaded them on facebook with trees and Dhaba in the background. Then we continued our journey , we played cards and  Antakshri. I played another movie ‘Jo jeeta Wohi Sikander’ which is one of my favourites. Then the villages were about to approach, Bhaiya said ‘Sab apne naak bund kar lo bahut badboo aayegi’. When villages started approaching we could not feel the bad stinking smell and we were amazed. Then, we realized that it is because of the new ‘Ambipur’ which I bought, it was too good.  Then, we reached our destination at around 12.30 p.m which took us around five hours to reach. 

Next day, Sandeep bhaiya said, ‘Chalo yaar sab Mussorie chaltein hai’. Mussorie is around 100km from Saharanpur and takes about 2 hours to reach. All of us agreed and everybody thought we will celebrate mom and dad anniversary in mussorie. We were total thirteen people mom, dad, mama, mami, bhaiya, bhabi, me, mansi and two cousin brothers with their wives and driver. Another, road trip to mussorie sounded really exciting. We took two cars Ertiga and i20. Next day, everybody wished Mom and Dad. Mom, dad, mama and mami took i20 with driver and we all eight were in Ertiga. We started off around 10’o clock in the morning. We eight played rummy and watched movie in the car, snack and cold drinks it was a real fun we had. We reached mussoorie at around 12.30 p.m and papa said ‘Ady ek AmbiPur hamari gaadi mein bhi laga deta itni badboo thi raastein mein’ I smiled. We took a 3-star hotel and at night we celebrated mom and dad’s anniversary with dinner and cake. We took photographs uploaded them on facebook. Next day, after seeing mussorie we left in the evening at around 6’o clock and by 8.30 p.m we were back at mama’s place. We were so tired that we ordered food from outside had our dinner and slept as we had to leave tomorrow morning for Delhi. The next day we packed our bags to leave for Delhi. Mami ji prepared besan ke bread pakore for our lunch. We left at 12 noon from Saharanpur and reached Delhi at 6 in the evening. This was really a perfect and memorable road trip with family after a long time. ‘Happy Anniversery’ Mom and Dad.

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