Thursday, 18 July 2013

I Saw, I Learnt

Learning 1: Once, I saw a father and son on road the child was holding an Uncle Chips packet in his hand or might be a Lays, I don’t remember exactly. The father saw a blind man finding it difficult to cross the road. He along with his child went towards the bind man and helped him to cross the road. After, that the son asked his father “Dad who was he, do you know him?” He replied no son, but you should always help others.

The father taught his son to help others.

Learning 2: I used to travel in local train in Mumbai. There are long queues at the stations. One day, I was standing in the queue and I saw a grandfather and his grandson must be around 6-7 years old standing in queue. The grandson said “Dadu jaldi karo naa aap aise kyu khade ho woh dekho sab aage se jaa ke ticket le rahe hai”. The grandfather replied “Beta line se ticket leni chahiye unko ticket nahi milegi”. I smiled upon seeing that.

The grandfather taught his grandson to stand in queue and wait for his turn.

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