Friday, 12 July 2013

AmbiPur Indiblogger meet #FreshNHappy

I was eagerly waiting for the AmbiPur #FreshNHappy Indiblogger meet as it was my first Indiblogger meet. It felt really great to be there as .We started the meet with registration and an answer to the question “If you got 15 minutes at the end of the Indiblogger meets what would you do"? Then, we had a crash course in head banging. Those who missed it, it goes this way put your left foot forward and weight on the right foot and head down up. It was crazy my head was going round and round for a minute. It was a nice warm up session. Then they picked up pictures which made smelly moments to smiley moments and the picture of a "potty" really smelly won.

Then the new bloggers got a chance to introduce them. Indiblogger was giving away Bluetooth headsets, Sony wrist watches, power banks to them. At the same time they told us to tweet about our nostalgic moment of fragrances or smells that takes us back to something. Megha Shrimali ( and Soumya Gupta ( won the Chroma Tablet.

Then we had our amazing lunch. We started the Post lunch session with a number game. Indiblogger randomly selected bloggers and asked them to select a number from 1 to 9 and behind every number there was a gift. From Tomato ketchups, Check-in tags to bluetooth hands free.

After the game, the lady from the AmbiPur asked us what we do to get rid of bad smell around us. Then she told us about how AmbiPur eliminates odour by ion reactions and some interesting facts about AmbiPur. Then all of us were given AmbiPur air freshners. There were four different fragrances and bloggers with same were instructed to assemble in four groups. Then further the group was divided into two so there were a total of eight groups. Then a group leader was chosen. The group leader picked up the paper from the bowl in which we wrote the answers when we entered the meet. Every group had to perform the task written.

Our group had to perform Indian TV serial (spoof). This was really crazy we had AmbiMan, Smelly Cat, Neha's affair, zombies and many more. Another crazy moment was that we all shouted on the top of our voices for a gift and then we were told that there was no gift for this my throat is still bad. Then all the bloggers were given the AmbiPur Indiblogger T-shirt.

I came to know so many bloggers writing about social issues, technology, photography, poems and motivation. I also came to know about a bhagidari blog on which you can post your issues by B. S Vohra (, Nikhil Chawla who is running a blog named The Unbiased Blog (, Prerna Jain (, Abhishek Maurya ( who was given a compliment that he looks like Dhanush, Ranjan Sardana (,  Shwetabh Mathur (, Yogita aggarwal ( 

Overall it was a nice and crazy meet. I enjoyed it a lot.

Indiblogger Rocks!!!!!


  1. I wish I get to attend a blogger's meet like this. I am a novice to blogging. I am really getting a lot out of it now. Liked your blog.