Monday, 30 December 2013

Clean shaved Face and Stubble face Conversation Part II

After the last conversation between Clean Shaved Face and the Stubble face, the stubble face asked the clean shaved face

Stubble Face: "Do you think I should shave?"

Clean shaved face: "Yes you should shave."

Stubble Face: "I think you are right. My stubble gives me an unclean look and I hate when flies sit on me. I also hate when girls say 'I hate that unclean stubble'."

The Stubble Face finally managed to have a shave.

Clean shaved face: "You are looking nice clean shaved".

Stubble face is now The New Clean Shaved face.

New Clean shaved face: "Thank you".

Clean Shaved Face: "You see that hot girl in the party, she is coming to me".

New Clean Shaved Face: "Good Luck buddy Enjoy!"

Suddenly, the girl goes towards the new clean shaved face and he starts smiling.

Clean Shaved Face: "See the magic of the clean shave look earlier no one came near you and now she came towards you. So, keep shaving".

New Clean Shaved Face: "Yeah, I too can’t believe these girls prefer clean shave look men more than men with stubble. I think 'My clean Shaven look bowled her over'." 

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Sunday, 29 December 2013

New Age Youth and Social Mobile Apps

Earlier the mass was reached through newspapers, pamphlets or banners. Letters were posted to pass on the messages to friends. The message to vote was published in newspapers to encourage youth. Now, the news can be easily read on mobiles (Mobile Apps).  


Then came the Radio, the messages were broadcasted to the youth to encourage them so that right candidate could be selected. Now, music and radio can be easily listened on mobiles (Mobile Apps).


Then came Television, the messages were broadcasted to the youth to encourage them through TV commercials. Now, you can watch any show through live streams on Mobile (Again Mobile Apps).


People have switched to mobiles for each and everything.

Today’s youth checks his/her WeChat or Facebook account at first in the morning rather than watching TV. Sometimes they don’t even watch TV, Listen to Radios or Read newspapers for days will surely check their WeChat or Facebook.

So, the best way to inspire today's youth is to use Social Mobile Apps.  We cans inspire and mobilize the youth by:

We should tell them if a wrong party wins it will be because of them if they do not vote. They will be suffering on bad roads, insufficient supply of water and power. Every vote is precious and we should make the right use of it #VoteForIndia.

We can send messages to our friends using WeChat personally or can send to a Group and they can further send the message and the message will keep on rotating. This will inspire the Youth to come out and to #VoteForIndia. 



We can keep our status on Facebook like 'I am going to #VoteForIndia are you?' This message will inspire the youth to vote. The status will be read by our Friends, Pages and Groups. So, it will reach more youth. The youth will read the status and will be inspired to vote.

Facebook Status Update

We can tweet to our followers on twitter and tell them how important their vote is. They should come and #VoteForIndia. The tweet can be retweeted and will reach more youth. Their vote can help choose a right candidate which will work for a better India. So, come out and VoteForIndia.

Twitter Tweets

Social Mobile Apps

It’s my own request to all the readers This General elections please come out and VoteforIndia.

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Saturday, 28 December 2013

Conversation between Clean Shaved Face and Stubble Face

This is a conversation between a Clean Shaved Face and Face with Stubble.

The Conversation

Clean Shaved Face: "You know I look much better and Hygienic than you".

Stubble Face: "How can you say that?"

Clean Shaved Face: "Firstly, 83% women like me not you."

Stubble Face: "How do you know?"

Clean Shave Face: "Studies show that".

Stubble Face: "OK."

Clean Shaved Face; "When you are there for days you start stinking like anything."

Stubble Face: "That is all because of sweat, I agree".

Clean Shaved Face: "Flies sit on your hard Stubble."

Stubble Face: "That too I agree."

Clean Shaved Face: "When you are there you give an unclean look."

Stubble Face: "That too I agree."

Clean Shaved Face: "When you are there it seems that the person has not taken bath for days."

Stubble Face: "That too I agree."

Clean Shaved Face: "When you are there nobody likes to come near you and women say 'I hate that unclean stubble'."

Stubble Face: "That too I agree."

Clean Shaved Face: "You are so rough that nobody likes to touch you."

Stubble Face: "That too I agree your touch is very smooth."

So, the Clean Shaved Face wins the conversation.

Three Cheers for Clean Shaved Face!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Raj Chinese Food and Snacks - Van

The reason I am blogging about this T-Van is because of its special Butter Chowmein.

Shalimar Bagh
The Butter Chowmein here is a different one and I love it. Also, the Manchow Soup here is also good. A must try for Chinese lovers Butter Chowmein.

Shalimar Bagh T van
Butter Special Chowmein

It's a T-Van so no sitting :(

Location: Near RBI Colony, Opp. U&V Market, Shalimar Bagh, New Delhi - 110088.

Rating: 3.5/5 (No Sitting served in Cars)

My Stubble and My Marriage Part II

After what happened when I went to meet the girl for my marriage I was feeling very bad. My dad called up the girl parents but they said they will give answer in one or two days. I also liked the girl but I think my stubble created a bad impression of me.

After a week my Mom said 'Aaj Shaam ko beta tere liye ladki dekhne jaana hai, time pe ready ho jaana'. I said 'Ok'. I was feeling very lazy when I came back home from work. Then the question was whether to shave or not. I took out my clothes and started to wear them.

Suddenly, the previous incident came into my mind. The statement of the girl 'I hate that unclean Stubble’ started troubling me. It seemed that she is again and again saying this to me. I ran to the bathroom and had a Clean Shave. I wore my clothes and went with the family to meet the new girl.

We talked for about half an hour. She looked really impressed. I think 'My clean shaven look bowled her over'. After, a few days my dad received a call from her parent 'Ji ladka hume aapka ladka pasand hai' but I was this time not sure about the girl.

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Friday, 27 December 2013

Grand Plaza - Model Town

I like Grand Plaza for 3 things Bakery, Chilly Paneer and Cold Coffee.

Grand Plaza

I am a Chilly Paneer lover and this place has one of the best Chilly Paneer I have had. The pastries and cakes are also good here. The Cold Coffee here is also excellent something different and good from others.

First Floor

This place has sitting in Basement and Ground Floor. They serve Non-Veg. They don't have Bar.

Location: B1, Model Town II, New Delhi - 110009

Rating: 4/5

My Father - A Middle Class Man

My father is a middle class man and I know what difficulties he has faced to grow me. I still remember my father arranging money for my admission in engineering college, my needs, and my marriage and in every small thing from my childhood. I am married now and I would be a father in future. I would be saving from now for my child so that he may not face any problem which my dad faced.

If I recall I still remember:

My father arranging money for my admission in school and engineering college. The fees these days are so high that I have to save a lot.

Asking, my dad to buy me a bike to go to college.

The five things which I would like to gift my child in future would be:

1. Saving Account: A saving account of his own so that I may save for him and he could use it in future.

2. A Fixed Deposit : A fixed deposit will help me to use in times of needs for his education, marriage and in other phases of life.

3. Teach my child to do whatever he wants to do in life but excel in it. I don't want to tell him that do engineering, medical I would rather tell him to do what he likes.

4. Teach my child good moral values so that he may become a good human being. A good human being is liked by everyone . Helping everyone is one thing I would be expecting from him.

5. Teach my child to face any difficulty in life with patience and find solutions to any problem rather than running from them.

'A person lives when the heartbeat moves up and down and dies when it’s a straight line'

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My Stubble and My Marriage

I used to keep stubble as I was too lazy to clean it. I still remember when my parents started to search bride for me they always used to say 'Ye daadi ab to saaf kar liya kar teri shaadi karni hai'. I always used to ignore them. They gave my name in bureau and to relatives. They started receiving calls and I had to meet the girl(s).

One fine day my parents told me that ‘In the evening you have to come along with us’. I asked them why what’s the reason and they replied 'Aaj tere liye ladki dekhne jaana hai'.  They told me to have a clean shave and as usual I ignored them. I thought why I should shave 'Jab mun karega kar lenge'.

I came back in the evening got ready and went with them to meet the girl. We were having general talks Q&A sessions. I generally asked her ‘What do you hate about men’. She replied ‘I hate men with stubble’ and she even said 'I hate that unclean stubble of Yours' I was shocked to hear this. I felt so bad that after that whenever I went to meet a girl I did shave and then went.

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Wednesday, 25 December 2013

My Stubble and The New Year Resolution

It was last New Year’s evening when my friend called me and said 'Tonight our group is planning a party at Connaught Place'. The plan was made at the last moment so I was lazy enough to not to shave. I went to the party with my stubble. The party was going good I was having drinks and snacks. I was really enjoying the party. 

Then there were some sort of games like Truth and Dare and Couple Dance Competition. I met a lot of my old friends at the party. Then they decided to give gifts for various activities. Then they announced the best dressed men and best dressed girl.  Then they said we are this year awarding the most unclean look award and that went to me. The girl who gave me the award said 'I hate that unclean stubble of yours'.

I was so embarrassed on this and just laughed to ignore this bad moment. I first time received an award and that too because of my unclean stubble.After this embarrassment I added a resolution to my New Year’s resolution list to shave daily. This time whether it’s a planned or unplanned party I will go clean shaved.

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Monday, 23 December 2013

I Still Remember and the Time Moves On

My best friend with whom I share each and every incident of my life and who has always been my partner in crime is my cousin Shreya. Me and Shreya are of the same age group and share a lot of sweet and nice memories. My mother many a times tells me about the naughty things we used to do when we were kids. We both started using the Dove products together and now use only Dove Products.

Only Dove

I still remember at the age of 4:
Both of us wearing our mother’s big sized Sandals without thinking about that we will fall down just to do what our mother do.

Wearing Sandals
 And the time moves on,

I still remember at the age of 7:

Our mother’s buying Hair bands, Tic Tacs, Clips, T-shirts and even small handbags for us. Both of us saying to our mother 'Mummy aapke jaisa Clip chahiye'.

Clips and Hairbands

 And the time moves on,

I still remember at the age of 10:
Both of us asking for same clothes, same shoes, same sandals, same toys and to go to the same school just to be same. Fighting with each other to play with the same toy. Pushing each other to ride the same bicycle.

Fighting for Toys

 And the time moves on,

I still remember at the age of 12:

Both of us trying my mother Lipstick and Nail Paints for the first time and get scolded for it. Fun we used to have doing all this.

And the time moves on,

I still remember at the age of 15:

Buying Kajal, Nail Paint, Gloss, Lipstick, sandals and Clothes together and then trying them together. Such a lovely time we had.

Lipsticks and Nail Paints

And the time moves on,

At the age of 17:

Using high quality skin care products to keep our skin glowing and healthy. Soaps like Dove, Mascara, Shampoo, Conditioners, Gloss and Facial Kits.

Using Dove Products

 And the time moves on,

At the age of 18:

Going to the same College and dating the same guy and making a fool out of him. Getting ready for late night parties together and making an excuse to our mother of having combined study. Doing all kinds of mischief, showing attitude to boys is what we did. Having fights with each other on small things, guiding each other on wrong things.

Following our mother’s when we were kids and grooming ourselves with time has always been our passion.

'Fashion and Passion' is what we live for.

And the time will move on and on.

Time moves on leaving memories behind and we both cherish those memories a lot.

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Sunday, 22 December 2013

Jill Let the Stubble go at 7'o Clock

In ancient times the early men used to have stubble. They didn't know how to shave and girls had no choice. So, let see how this concept of shave came. There was a man named 'BigStubble(Jill)' who had very long stubble. No girl used to go near him they used to say 'I hate that unclean stubble'.

One day he got frustrated and went to the workshop. He started making a sharp tool called blade and started removing his stubble with it. He did a clean shave with that tool. He went out after removing the stubble and all girls started following him he was very happy. His friends came and asked him how you removed your stubble. He told that I have created a tool to remove it.

And, since his name was Jill and he did his shave at 7’o clock in the morning the name of the tool was called Gillete (Jill let stubble go) at 7’o Clock (Gillete 7’o Clock).

Everybody used that tool and removed their stubble. The girls were really happy that finally they got rid of unclean stubble men. They all had a party on that day. Finally, everybody had a solution to the problem of Unclean Stubble.

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Saturday, 21 December 2013

Early Stubble Problem

My stubble came very early at the age of fifteen when I was in tenth standard. This was also the trend in my family everyone had stubble by the age of fifteen.  My classmates in my school started to call me 'Buddha' I always felt irritated. They used to say 'Teri itni jaldi daadi bhi aa gayi'. The girl whom I liked also said to me that 'Your stubble looks bad'. I used to ask her to come along with me to the canteen and she always said 'No'.

One day I told my Dad that I am going to get my stubble trimmed and he replied 'Aur Jaldi aa jayegi agar trim karvayi toh' and I dropped the plan of getting it trimmed. Then a year passed and I went to the eleventh class. Now, I had to do something about my stubble. I went to the Saloon and told the barber to trim my Stubble. When I went home my Dad scolded me but I was happy because I got rid of my early stubble.

The next day when I asked the girl whom I liked in the school to come along with me she said 'Yes'. I think 'My clean Shaven look bowled her over'.

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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Stand, Hold and Tilt - The Lenovo Yoga Tablet

My Everyday life with tablet starts with my social media applications Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. The most important part is my blogging. I have to blog regularly. I have to update my Facebook page, Twitter and Blog. The Lenovo Yoga Tablet will help me to do all this in a #BetterWay.

Social Media Apps

The next thing I do on my tablet is listen to Music, watch Videos a full entertainment on my tablet. The Lenevo Yoga tablet will help me to this in a #BetterWay too.

Music and Videos

According, to me an Ideal Tablet should have a good hardware configuration and some of the points I would like to mention are : 

Firstly, I have my nephew who is 3 years old and he moves my tablet up an down

So, the first thing the tablet design should have is 'It should be flexible'

Second thing when I am holding the tablet it should have a nice grip so that it does not slips from my hand.

Thirdly, If I had to watch videos on my tablet what I currently do is fix it somewhere by supporting it with two or three pillows.

There should be some stand to support it.

The new Lenovo Yoga Tablet will make my life with my tablet a #BetterWay as it has all these features and :

It has three modes and 18 hours of battery:

1. Stand Mode: Whenever I needed to make my Tab stand I used to do a lot of exercise and finally bought a stand for it. The new Yoga tablet's unique design provides this feature. 

2. Hold Mode: The Hold Mode provides a better and firm grip so that it does not falls from your hand.

3. Tilt Mode: The Tilt Mode provides more natural angle for touching and typing.

Yoga Tablet

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Mishappening with my Tablet/Netbook

Whenever I buy a device I see its durability, after sales service, features and warranty. Recently I purchased a tablet (will not mention the brand) I was very happy with its performance. But, after few months whenever I used to open the tablet/netbook the lid used to move a bit back by itself, I ignored it. After a month the lid became loose. Then further the button started coming out, a horrible experience I was going through.

I have taken some pictures of it:

The Button went loose

The button came out

Screen Lifted Up

If I go by mechanics it was to happen some day because it could move to only around 120 degrees. But this crap happened very soon.

So, what is the solution?
The solution is the new Yoga Tablet from Lenovo. When I came to know about this Lenovo Yoga Tablet I thought that this is the only solution as it is a flexible tablet and can be moved in any direction and angle.

It has three modes and 18 hours of battery:

1. Stand Mode: Whenever I needed to make my Tab stand I used to do a lot of exercise and finally bought a stand for it. The new Yoga tablet's unique design provides this feature. 

2. Hold Mode: The Hold Mode provides a better and firm grip so that it does not falls from your hand.

3. Tilt Mode: The Tilt Mode provides more natural angle for touching and typing.

With the new and improved design I am sure that the new Yoga Tablet will be a better option for me and will not turn out to be a nightmare for me.

Stand, Hold and Tilt Mode
Do It Your Way
With the All New Yoga Tablet

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My Team Cranberry and the Love of Vampires

This is my third and final entry for Catch the Flavour. In the Ancient era Vampires loved to drink blood. Drinking the blood of humans made their survival difficult in the Modern Era. I loved Bacardi Breezer Cranberry and one day I was sitting outside the Karol Bagh Metro Station with Bacardi Breezer Cranberry in my hand.

Suddenly, a man came and said 'I also love Bacardi Breezer Cranberry and you know I am a Vampire'. I was shocked to hear that he said 'Come along with me we vampires have a hideout nearby'. I said are you joking he then showed me his big vampire teeth’s. I was afraid and said 'What if you kill me?' he replied that 'We Vampires have stopped killing humans for their blood now'.

'We all drink Bacardi Breezer Cranberry it tastes better than blood'.  He then took me to their hideout and I saw thousands of Cranberry Breezers over there. They offered me and I had two or three.

So, now my team as well as vampires also drinks my favorite Breezer flavor Cranberry. Bacardi Breezer Cranberry is now popular among vampires also.

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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Mordern Era and the SwayamVar

The world has advanced into the New Modern Era its year 2100 and there is a razor called MACH50 which gives the best Shave. With the change in views of marriage the SwayamVar for selecting the Groom has come back. Yesterday, I had a dream in which I went in the SwayamVar of the daughter of the King of Delhi. There around ten to fifteen men for the SwayamVar some had Stubble and some were cleaned shaved. I too was clean shaved. Then the 'Mantri' announced that the SwayamVar ceremony will start in another half an hour.

We all were given couches to sit. In a few minutes the daughter of the king arrived. We all stood up and she came down from the stairs to meet us and choose from us whom she would like to marry. The King’s daughter saw the first men and said 'I hate that unclean Stubble next please'. Then at the fifth men she said 'You are Clean Shaved but not so smooth next please'. Then at the last came my number. She saw me and after touching my face she said 'What a Clean and Smooth Shave I choose you as my Groom'.

I use MACH 50 Razor no one gives better Shave than this.  'My clean Shave look bowled her over'

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