Friday, 7 September 2012

Sindhi Corner - The Old Tikki Shop

Sindhi Corner - The Old Tikki Shop

Sindhi Corner in Karol Bagh is very famous for its Aloo Ki Tikki and Samosa. I have been going here since my childhood. The Paneer Pakora and Golguppas here are also awesome. They also have Bhalla Papri, Rabri Faluda, Gulab Jamun, Rabri Faluda and the Thande Dodh Ki Bottle is a must have in hot summers. They have no seating you have to stand and eat here. They have no menu card so I am listing a few with their prices :

Sindhi Tikki
Sindhi Corner
I know my photography is not so great but practice makes a man perfect so soon will become good at it.

 Aloo Ki Tikki                 Rs. 40/- (per plate)
 Samosa                          Rs. 24/- (per plate)
 Paneer Pakora                Rs. 30/- (per plate)
 Gol Guppas                    Rs. 20/- (5 pieces)
 Gulab Jamun                   Rs. 20/- (per plate)

The prices are a bit high but believe me its worth paying.

* per plate has 2 pieces
* All prices are as on 7/9/12

Rating : I would rate this place  4.5/5  
* The place has no seating.

Location : Sindhi Corner is in Karol Bagh the place is exactly called 53 Block Ramjas Road

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